C.da Montededaro - CAP. 90010 - Geraci Siculo (PA)

“Madonie Starlight”

20 Feb

Madonie Starlight


Madonie Outdoor in partnership with Casalvecchio Farm House
Have the pleasure to present, two days exploring the mystery of Madonie, which on this occasion will  become the stage and the protagonist of the dancing stars. An appointment between food culture, hiking spirit and conviviality that will meet under the spotlight of Madonie starry sky.

The two days will see for the evening of 22nd August The Gala Dinner in White, with dress-code in white  and menu designed for the occasion with an experimental reinterpretation of the traditional Sicilian cuisine,plus the guided observation of the most hidden jewels of the sky.

The evening of 23rd August will be dedicated to Dancing Happy Hour under the stars, which will feature a large buffet of  Sicilian best of the season, frozen fruit cocktail with guitar background, accordion and tambourine for a return to the most traditional Sicilian tarantella.

To close the two magical days, the collective launch of LED balloons, for an experience…..

Unforgettable !!!!