C.da Montededaro - CAP. 90010 - Geraci Siculo (PA)

Top Things To Do

Your gateway to the perfect countryside experience and perfect place for an active or relaxing holiday!!!!

Our Country House is situated in the heart of the Madonie

The combination of awe- inspiring scenery and fresh air makes it ideal

for special outdoor activities.

For our guests we organize outdoor activities:

  • Mountain biking, mountain bike trip into the wild.
  • Sightseeing tours, discovering the madonie history.
  • Horse riding
    • local stables 5 miles away
    • riding therapy activities, equestrian rehabilitation and Riding for the Disabled
  • Wild Rafting, to the Gorges of Tiberius
  • Cookery lessons: learn how to make a homemade bread and  pasta
  • Trekking: through the ancient routes of transhumance with Gangi, Geraci Siculo destination and the historical artifacts that surround Casalvecchio.

Some Excursions Most Popular

Adventure Park

Parco delle Madonie

The Gorges of Tiberius


In the adventure park there are treetop assault courses, built with wire-steel, wooden platform and ropes, providing an opportunity for guests to test their balance, speed, ability to overcome the obstacles which is perfect for guests with a desire of adventure.
The Adventure Park gives everyone the opportunity to feel the rush of adrenaline in a natural environment, through various activities, such as:

  • Tree Climbing
  • Archery
  • Nordic Walking
  • Mountain Biking


The Madonie Park is a national park, created to protect the diversity of wildlife and conserve rare and precious vegetation in Sicily.

since 2001, this has been one of the European Geopark Network sites recognized by UNESCO.  The flow of the Pollina river eroded the Triassic limestone and created this spectacular canyon located in the border area between San Mauro and Castelbuono towns.

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